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I crack-ship Brick but we don't talk about that at all or I will die okay.

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Okay so basically here goes. My roommate and I were playing Saints Row The Third (which is a phenominal game btw, and if you haven’t played it then you should really re-evaluate your life choices.) But anyways, so we were playing that game and all the sudden she goes “You know what would be awesome? Team Prison as Saints.” So of course this started a whole spewing of absolute nonsense and I got to thinking like, okay but seriously, Team Prison as Saints in an AU storyline. So I started developing some ideas to Kendal ( xo-aquamarineprincess), and I was like, “So what if I put my Brick fanfic on hold and did this instead, cause she’s also played the game and we were just shooting shit about it for awhile and what not, and she was like “FUCK IT DUDE! Totally DO it!” So yeah, I’m doing it.

Ladies and gents, say hello to the new Saints Row.

So yeah, basically if you think these fucksticks were badass in The Walking Dead, you got another thing comin’. Start thinking of the possibilities of a Rick Grimes drug lord fucking gangster ass son of a bitch with his posse, wreaking havoc on a city while runnin’ the shit. Pretty much this was your forewarning to start unfollowing, because this fanfic is coming to life man. Like these little shits are about to ruin lives. And so am I.

Pretty much, this is what sitting around drinking a few beers and talking about the upcoming season of TWD while playing Saints Row does to a person. BYE

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Okay I am sorry. But it’s game freakin’ over man. 
I give zero fucks what anybody says, Bethyl is canon.

Norman writing love notes to Emily about Bethyl.
Producers crying over Bethyl.
Greg Nicotero saying he saw it as Daryl was starting to fall in love.
AMC posting shit a LOT about Bethyl.
Deleted Bethyl scenes.

It’s so canon it makes my heart hurt.

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My Brick fic is becoming 70% Brick and 30% Bethyl. How did this happen?


You should do 110% Brick one. That would be lovely. I’ll shut up now.

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