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I say fuck way too much, honestly.

Spammage of TWD most of the time and constant Andrew Lincoln.
I crack-ship Brick but we don't talk about that at all or I will die okay.

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“tired” isn’t even a temporary state for me anymore it’s just an inherent part of my personality at this point

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Sending you a ♥ even though you already have mine. Send this to all of your followers who make you feel really special and let them know you care. ♥



Ahhhh Zuzzzz! You freaking own my heart! :D

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My cat is driving me absolutely fucking bonkers. He keeps us up all fucking night because he’s running around acting like a crazy ass. Then he wakes us up at the crack of dawn and won’t let us go back to sleep even if we don’t have to be up for like 4 more hours. If you leave him alone in the room, he yowls for like 15 minutes hoping you’ll come back in. Like, I love this cat. Binx is the cutest and sweetest cat I’ve ever owned. But for fuck’s sake man, it’s like we have a damn child.

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